Safe, Predictable, Permanent Weight Loss
In a Nutshell

If you want something you've never had, you have to do something you've never done. — An Old Saying

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If you just want to lose weight, that's one thing. If you want to lose weight and never regain it, you'll have to use a method that's different than any diet you've ever been on.

The weight-loss method used on Scooping Oprah is The Predictable Diet™ (The PD). It’s an every-other-day eating system based on the Habit Principle: You can change a habit in 21 days. 

Every reducing diet asks you to make changes in the way you eat. The PD helps you make the changes that lead to all that you expect, but can never get, from the typical weight-loss diet.

Using The Predictable Diet™, you could reach
your weight goal before Oprah reaches hers. That's why this 
site is called "Scooping Oprah with your Permanent Weight Loss."

And you get to try The PD system, FREE of charge, before you order weight loss.

Safe, Permanent Weight Loss in a Nutshell

Now that I have your attention, I’d like to ask you something.

Question: Why don’t you weigh more than you do?

Answer: You weigh what you weigh because you've made a habit of eating the amount that keeps you at that weight. (This assumes that you have no medical condition that's causing the extra weight.) If you were in the habit of eating more, you'd weigh more. Once you've made a habit of eating less, you will weigh less.

Habit is the strongest psychological force in the universe.
And habit, all by itself, is keeping you heavier than you want to be.

You know, habit is already limiting the amount you eat. Shall I prove it to you?

Well, at a holiday meal, what stops you from polishing off all the food in your house, then running to your neighbours’ houses to eat all their food? The same thing that makes you put on your right or left sleeve first: habit.

And whenever you leave a restaurant, there's still food there. Cost aside, what stops you from eating everything in the restaurant’s kitchen? The same thing that makes you shower in the morning or bathe at night: habit.

Ice cream

No matter how much you eat, habit eventually makes you stop. But if you want to lose weight and keep it off, you'll have to train yourself to stop eating sooner. You'll have to break your habit of overeating (eating more than you need, to weigh what you want to weigh). You can do this on your own in 21 days. Why 21 days? Because that's how long it takes to change a habit.

That’s all overeating is: a habit, like which shoe you put on first. It's not a defect of character, a punishment from heaven, or an addiction. (All addictions are habits; not all habits are addictions.) Food, air and water are necessary for life; non-foods—like caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, refined sugar, and narcotics—are not. 

Overeating is a habit you can change. The Predictable Diet™ takes
the habit you already have (overeating) and makes it work for you.

There’s no magic involved; it’s just like painting by number. For 21 days, you train yourself to be satisfied with less food. You do this without drugs, weight-loss products or special foods. And on The PD, you may eat whatever you like, so you'll have no guilt feelings about doing so. (Fear not, health care professionals; no one wiill eat "only junk" for more than a week. I have it on the best authority.)

Almost all the information you need for permanent weight loss is here, absolutely FREE of charge, on Scooping Oprah. What's missing? The custom-made calorie allowances that take you to your goal and keep you there. These allowances and my coaching are what you pay for.

And you get to try out the PD system on your own, FREE of charge, to
stop overeating and stop gaining weight. This will tell you whether
you'd like to use the system for permanent weight loss. 


The Pay-off: What’s In It For You?

When you follow the directions on The Predictable Diet™, you can expect three things:

1. Safe, predictable, automatic weight loss

  • With your doctor's approval, you can use The PD system for as long as necessary. In the first 21 days, you teach yourself to eat well and wisely.
  • Before you start, you know how much you'll lose every week. You know when your plateau will begin and that it won't last longer than four weeks.
  • After the plateau, you lose the same amount every week: two pounds or one pound, whichever you've ordered.

2. Calm, comfortable weight loss

  • What you eat is up to you. If the food you like fits into your calorie allowances, you may have it—with a clear conscience.
  • Women lose weight at exactly the same rate as men.
  • The longer you're on The PD, the easier it gets and the more you enjoy the system.

3. Permanent (maintenance-free) weight loss

  • A weight-loss diet that works doesn't need a maintenance program. Habit keeps you slim after your weight loss, just as it kept you well rounded before it.
  • You continue living your life, with all its joys and sorrows, just like other normal eaters—with some added pleasures.